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About a week ago, a drink in my school bag came open inside, which unfortunately got to my computer case and into my computer's circuit board. I just tried turning it on today, and it's not coming on. I'll try again in another week, but at this point, chances are against it reviving. For just my comics alone, I currently just lost:

- all SWD .psd files
- all (in progress) future SWD pages
- all Doppel .psd files
- all (in progress) future Doppel pages
- all Doppel scripts
- the entire story outline for Doppel
- Ch. 2 Script for COR
- My portion of the character outlines for COR

So, basically, I have nothing left of Doppel other than what's been posted here.

Currently, I'm overwhelmed in my studies. It's getting to the point that I'm getting new assignments before I've even finished the last. Like a week in advance. I was trying to avoid this, but after this event, I think it's time I faced reality: I don't have time for two weekly full-effort comics at the moment.

I've thought about just sticking to just a sketch comic for Doppel, but I feel so disgusted every time I do. The only reason I started do that was because I never inked before and I had no idea what I was doing. Now it's getting to the point that if I do that, I'm not getting anywhere with my art, which is a waste of my time and a waste of this story. I have considered doing random updates, but I honestly would prefer to just shelf this comic for a few years than do that. Truthfully, the only two reasons I've been against doing this is: the manga is apart of the Dream Manga Group and if I allow myself to do this, who's to say I won't do this to another project?

The only thing I know is that I will finish this comic one day. I just think it would be the best decision if I pushed that day back. What I might do is draw the next ten pages so I can send them in for the Dream issue I'm suppose to return for, and then resign. Still deciding. Otherwise, I'm placing Doppelganger back on the shelf for a few years when my schedule clears up.

So, thank you everyone that stuck through the first chapter. Not gonna lie, but I was pretty excited for the next three chapters. Also, thanks for sticking through this news post. xD It is kinda long.


October 17th, 2011, 8:18 pm Hiwatari

That's so sad... there's a lot of files lost with one drink ;v; All the reason you need to have a backup external drive~ (Get one~ They are cheap now)

Don't force yourself to get the next Dream submission done. You can have a note on the Dream forums linking to this news post and go on hiatus for the moment. I don't want to add to your burden of school work by giving you ten more pages of manga to work on.

As long as you don't drop the project and don't forget about it it would be good. The only thing is that later on your art may have improved and you will have an urge to redraw everything LOL

A suggestion which I am not sure will work:
My computer's circuit board has fried before, but that does not mean the hard drive is dead (thus the data is still there). Take your computer to a shop and ask them to extract the hard drive. Then buy one of those hard drive cases and turn your computer hard drive into an external hard drive. This way you may be able to retrieve all the data in your drive. You just need another computer to get them out.

Good luck with your studies!!


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