The future for Doppelganger

Since smackjeeves now wants to use a cover feature, I figured now would be a good time to do this.

I'm going to put this comic as hidden from the public on Tuesday.

I'm not sure when I'll start working on this comic again. Nor do I know if I'll post it here or if I'll consider another media or website to release the story. For those still interested in seeing this story when I do continue working on it, I will post information here, on twitter (, and on tumblr ( Warning: it'll probably be a decade or so before I continue this one again. But as a thank you to the 90 fans that kept this comic in their favs, I've posted a preview of scenes that still occur in the next four chapters of the story.

HOWEVER, I do want to post comics in the mean time.

I have most of the pages completed for a 30 page comic called "The Forest". I'm currently in the process of finishing the coloring for them. I'm planning on posting pages in January. Here's where I'll be posting the pages: And here's a preview cover:

The other story I'm planning on working on is another manga called "Drinking Perfume". I'll be positing this after "The Forst", but I'm a little less certain when that will begin. The script is done and I've been working on a few pages, but I have to see my schedule at the time. Here's where I'll be posting the pages: And here's a preview cover:

Thank you again to everyone that commented, fave'd this comment, still interested in this--or any of my--comics, and read this news post up to this point. <3

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